LBB's Laura Swinton Investigates Sex, Comedy and Advertising with a little help from Matt Carter

"When it comes to sex, advertising often sticks to a few set formulae. It’s either hazy lenses, coy innuendo or flat out objectification. For one thing, there’s the restrictions around TV advertising that curbs explicit imagery and for another, nervy brands want to take advantage of the whole ‘sex sells’ cliché without going all the way. The net result? Depictions of sex that are unrealistic and unrelatable. And so po-faced. Could comedy provide a route in for brands hoping to leverage sex in a more human, authentic way?" Laura Swinton, LBB

“I don’t mind the restrictions. I think it just creates the challenge to see how far you can push things and what you can get away with. It’s fun trying to break the rules, nudging up to the line and occasionally managing to cross it...” says Matt Carter.

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