Giles Ripley directs the new campaign for Doritos to launch their new partnership with Burger King!

April 20, 2023

Dark Energy’s Giles Ripley directs the new campaign for Doritos to launch their new partnership with Burger King.

How do you improve on a perfect triangular tortilla chip? You smother it in Whopper goodness of course! ‘Whopper Disbelief’ captures the mind-blowing reality of the nation’s newest snack. Back off ready salted! There’s a new crisp in town and one thing's for certain, it’s going to get people talking!

Working with post-house Rascal, Ripley takes us on a flavour-filled journey, as we see people consume their first bite of this beefy beast. Ripley is best known for delivering great casting and en pointe comedic performances and this film is a great example of just that.

Dark Energy founder and Executive Producer, Matt Brown comments, ‘This was a fun one to work on. We knew as soon as we read the brief that Giles would be a great fit and it’s always a pleasure to work with the team at Sip and Bites/PepsiCo. It’s certainly made the office snacks more interesting!


Agency: Sips & Bites

Managing Director: Nancy Croix
ECD: Matt Watson
Senior Creative: Chris Lovell
Senior Creative: Jon Beach
Business Director: Keir Simons
Head of Strategy: Jo Delaney
Senior Producer: Sam Myers
Account Service: Keir Simons

Production Company: Dark Energy

Director: Giles Ripley
Producer: Phil Barnes
Exec Producer: Matt Brown
Production Manager: Natalie Isaac
Production Assistant: Jamila Hardy

Editors: Marshall Street Editors

Producer SJ O'Mara
Editor: Matt Pochettino

Post House: Rascal Post

VFX Supervisor: Ben Stonehouse
ECD & 2D Lead: Ben Stonehouse
2D: James Corden
3D: Fili
Colourist: James Bamford
Executive Producer: James Beck
Producer: Romilly Endacott
Grade Producer: Jai Durban
Audio House: GCRS
Sound Design: Munzie Thind
Head of Production: Martin Gritchley

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