Welcome Matias Nystedt

May 23, 2024

Welcome Matias Nystedt to the roster. Matias is an award winning director from Finland. As a film nut, he loves mixing different genres in his work and always adds visual flair to his films. He has a BA in screenwriting and film directing and a degree and background in graphic design, which comes across in his work. He’s a master of casting and, like most Finnish people, has a love of combining melancholy and humour in his work, and yet somehow, there's always heart in his characters. As well as a host of commercials for global brands, in recent years he's also directed six TV-shows in Finland, always bringing his unique style to create memorable characters and storylines. Matias is fluent in Swedish, Finnish and English and is based in Helsinki.

Matias has teamed up with Dan Heighes (Former HoTV at Lowe, MAL and FCB) as his producer. They met on a project that Dan was agency and production company producing. Dan is based in London.


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