Good Boy Wolf Documentary Duo Shoot ‘Missing’ Doc

Documentary duo Good Boy Wolf have just finalised a moving new doc entitled ‘Missing’ which aims to highlight the effects of living with Alzheimers; a disease that often gets hidden under the carpet with soul destroying effects to the families and little if no resource made public knowledge for the immediate full time family carers. Good Boy Wolf both felt drawn to documenting and raising awareness of the problem having both had family members of their own suffer in silence. So they set out to gage responses from people in the same situation via an online forum and were instantly contacted by a lady called Laura from Moffat in Scotland. Laura shared the same hatred for the disease and lack of support she was receiving and was also searching for an outlet to voice her opinion and help others cope in the future. 

Laura has been taking care of her husband Ken over the last twenty years as his sole carer, she's experienced heart-ache and pain as she's witnessed her loved one’s health and memory deteriorate over the years. With the help of Good Boy Wolf’s film ‘Missing’ Laura aims to let the world know what it’s really like to see someone you love deteriorate from Alzheimers, it’s an intense, heart-breaking story, yet endearing and unflinchingly honest from start to finish. 

We’d like to help Good Boy Wolf raise awareness of the reality of living with Alzheimers and aim to have as many people watch this film as possible. It’s tough viewing at times and may even bring a tear to the hardiest of viewers eyes but we assure you it’s worth the watch and we encourage everyone to help spread the word about the reality of living with this disease.