David Stoddart Shows A Little Thank You Goes A Long Way

Dark Energy’s David Stoddart recently completed a series of charming online films through Fallon for Cadbury Roses which aim to show appreciation for some of society’s forgotten heroes. The first film sees junior football referee Mick going about his usual weekend coaching come rain or shine, as subliminal messages of thanks begin to appear. Mick appears to be oblivious to the messages of thanks until the end of the match where he’s presented with a box of Roses by a former player who thanks Mick for his continued support and coaching, we watch as Mick starts to realise all these little thank you’s were for him as he realises just how much he’s appreciated.

The second film focuses on cheerleading instructor Zoe Rutherford, who tirelessly dedicates her time to helping older people stay fit and active through her cheerleading classes.