Welcome to the team, Lauren Midwinter

August 3, 2021

We have signed Lauren Midwinter to our roster for UK representation.

Originally from the Midlands (yes, she has that Chatty Kathy Midlander nature), Lauren splits her time between London and Cornwall and has directed for household names like Swarovski, Samsung, and NatWest. This year, Lauren Midwinter was selected for the BFI NETWORK x BAFTA Crew cohort and is both Director and Creative Director when needed.

Her work has a detailed, often stylistic tone. It's sensitive, curious, and explores social norms through a fresh lens. She is passionate about connecting to an audience and twisting perspectives on the conventional; even her most visually heightened work is rooted in a message and exudes heart.

Lauren trained as a director at Drama Centre London (Central St. Martins), which is reflected in her performer-centric approach. Whether it's crafting a character with actors or helping people tell their stories in documentary form, she encourages talent to feel comfortable and give honest, open, and naturalistic performances.

Lauren's work has featured on Girls In Film, Creative Review (which described 'OOO' as "bonkers" (but in a good way)), The Drum (5* review for 'The Food Odyssey'), One&Other ("engaging and innovative" - 'Damned Spot'). Her films have screened in worldwide festivals, art galleries, international flagship stores, and major online platforms.

Lauren has also worked in writers rooms adapting thriller novels for TV and is now developing a six-part TV drama about British social norms.

We're delighted to welcome her to the team!

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