WildlifeDirect - An Elephant Never Forgets directed by Oliver Nias

Every year 33,000 elephants are killed by poachers for their tusks. And if this isn't stopped, elephants will be extinct in the next twenty years. Whats more, Elephants are the only animals to mourn and visit the graves of their deceased. 'An Elephant Never Forgets' was made one behalf of WildLife Direct, after the charity was donated  $100,000 worth of ad space at the Indy 500 in America.  'An Elephant Never Forgets' mirrors human grief with elephant grief, to show how these incredible animals are not only in danger of extinction but mourn the loss of their loved ones each day. 

'An Elephant Never Forgets' was directed by newly signed Dark Energy content director Oliver Nias and written by Jess Morris and Chloe Pope. Dark Energy co-produced the project along with Obstacle Films. Executive Producer Matt Brown’s relationship with the creative team has been very fruitful since the success of their global internet hit Mankind - #ViolenceIsViolence and their highly rated “Give Your Heart This Valentines” campaign. Chloe and Jess have recently won Best New Creative awards at the British Arrows and Creative Circle awards. 

This charity film was shot on location in London by Oliver Nias and in the Tsavo, Kenya by award-winning filmmakers, Mark and Vicky Deeble-Stone. Mark and Vicky are currently shooting a WildLife feature film called 'The Elephant Movie' (https://www.facebook.com/theelephantmovie).