James Strong Directs Hotly Anticipated Hulu series “11:22:63” Which Premieres Feb 15th 2016

BAFTA award-winning Dark Energy director James Strong directed two episodes of the Stephen King novel by J.J. Abrams “11.22.63”  - the first original series adaptation for online broadcast channel Hulu. The time travelling conspiracy series premiers on February 15th and stars James Franco & Chris Cooper in a plot that sees James Franco sent back in history to the 1960’s to try and stop the Kennedy assassination. Franco, who played the time traveler, said he enjoyed the opportunity to experience aspects of what life was like back in the early 1960s, because considerable effort was made to make the scenes so authentic. The film will be a unique window into history for people who weren't alive at the time."It's a way to guide a whole new generation into what happened," Franco said.

Check the trailer out here: