Oliver Nias directs film "Stay Connected" for National Unplugging Day

As some of you may have known, yesterday marked this year’s National Unplugging Day.  National Unplugging Day asks people in the UK and beyond to pledge to a gadget free day. “Stay Connected” is the promotional film which reminds people to look up from their phones and spend more quality time with their loved ones. The film was shot on the very aesthetically pleasing 8mm film. By also re-recording an old Cole Porter classic, the film highlights a very modern problem by evoking nostalgia for times when technology didn’t intrude in our relationships.  Directed by good friend and director Oliver Nias and can be seen below.

Over the space of a decade, time spend online has seen a significant increase due to the access of the internet on many of the different platforms available to us. Two thirds of people now own a smartphone using it on average for nearly two hours every day.  Although there are obviously massive benefits to online access including improvement in communication to those nearest and dearest to us, friends and family alike, the overuse of such technologies can also have a negative effect on relationships and can cause a variety of both mental and physical issues.


Gemma Johnson CEO and Founder of MyFamilyClub.co.uk says “children are having to compete with our smartphones for attention as we become a nation of ‘distracted parents’ forever responding to the incessant chimes of notifications and activity. This often leaves not only our children but those who are important in our lives feeling ignored and second best. National Unplugging Day and this incredible short film ‘Stay Connected’ serve as a stark reminder of the importance of real human interaction, eye to eye communication and being aware of your tech usage around others.”