An Impossible Project - Live Q&A, Hosted by Shimmy Ahmed

May 20, 2021

As well as DJing and directing, Shimmy Ahmed, is also involved in launching, new video streaming platform ‘Bohemia Euphoria’, created for marginalised communities especially LGBTQi and indie film.

Tonight @ 7pm on Bohemia Euphoria, Shimmy is launching a live Q&A for the director of ‘An Impossible Project’, Jens Meurer, for an exclusive livestream.

An Impossible Project is an inspiring and uniquely fascinating film which conveys the story of the man who saved the world’s last Polaroid factory. An entertaining and yet harrowing insight into how the digital world took over. All captured on a lovely, rich, grainy 35mm cinematography.

Check out the stream tonight - link here.

Secure your free ticket by using the code “FREEBETA”

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