New Music Video for Jamaal Monarch from Shimmy Ahmed

May 11, 2021

Shimmy Ahmed has directed a new music video for Jamaal Monarch’s new single, ‘Love’s A Joke, I’m the Butt of it’. It is the first track to be releases from Come Play With Me’s forthcoming compilation ‘Side by Side’: a callout to support women, marginalised genders and LGBTQ+ identifying artists based in the north of England.

Raised in Manchester with Pakistani roots, Jamaal makes ambitious hip-hop that fuses ultra-modern production with intelligent wordplay and tender vocal melodies. Unafraid to confront both personal introspection and wider societal issues, Jamaal’s music displays courage and vulnerability, representing a brave individual voice that allows the listener to view the world through his unique lens.

Love’s A Joke...’ reflects Jamaal’s wide sphere of influence and varied musical palette, seeing him ruminate on the pursuit of love and relationships with a sincerity that simultaneously manages to address complex emotions while somehow also conveying a dark sense of humour and personality in the process. The track is the sound of someone wanting to connect, while also knowing the importance of own their self-worth and not wanting to compromise that - “I’m a catch and a king, I am more than a fling, and I am more than the above, if you don’t love me you suck”. Accompanied by a soundtrack of intricate beats and futuristic synths, ‘Love’s A Joke...’ showcases Jamaal’s ability to fluidly switch between deftly delivered free-flowing rap verses and vocal chorus hooks layered with elaborate harmonies.

Director, Shimmy Ahmed, comment, "I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to direct this one - being as it featured two south-Asian men in an upside down story of unrequited love and I welcomed the invite to direct that. I also really wanted to reference my favourite rapper of all time The Notorious BIG and it felt like a good time to introduce the iconic image of the late great Biggie wearing a plastic crown. Thanks to Ryan Lanji for connecting Jamaal and I and huge thanks to my tiny but super talented crafts folk - Martin Roach and James Yeoman.”

Read the shots article here and watch the video below!

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