New self-directed promo from artist Kai Whiston. Here is 'Between Lures'

June 7, 2022

Dark Energy are proud to announce new promo for artist, Kai Whiston.The self-directed music video for single ‘Between Lures’ has been released as a taster for Whiston’s new album ‘QAKFOG’ which launches on the 22nd of July this year.

The film sees Whiston struggling to pull the weight of a caravan up a hill using his bare hands and a rope, before he eventually sets it alight. In keeping with the artist’s previous releases the film has an experimental approach, the chaos in each scene representing a journey Whiston has realised through building his new album.

The video and track explores Kai’s parents’ ties with the New Age Traveller community, who had spent their lives bouncing between the free parties of South England to witness the rise of Massive Attack,The Prodigy & Orbital.

Director and artist, Kai Whiston said: “This video was a dream come true, to have been so involved from beginning to finish and have full control on telling a story so personal to me -- a story about New Age Travellers that felt reflective on my own experience growing up in that environment. I felt so fortunate to be able to work with a team that, not only were experts at what they did, but were not intimidated by the ambition of the project that felt distinctively valuable to me.”

This ambitious idea that features fire, fog & water was produced by Laura Mival an up and coming producer at Dark Energy Films.All post-production was handled by Purple Martin and the DoP was Benjamin Leggett.

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